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Feb. 26th, 2013


Well, whattaya know...

I actually remembered my old LiveJournal password from memory. I figured that was gone forever!

If there's anybody still here...and if anybody here still here sees my posts...check in, would you?

A *lot* has happened since I checked in here last. I'm using Facebook and Twitter a lot--please look me up at http://www.facebook.com/sonofagus

What little I'm able to do these days takes place at http://www.antelucan.com/ -- I've tried reviving Elf Life a few times, but with no luck. Post-eviction, there have been two major revival attempts that I'm not even archiving at the moment--both beautifully illustrated, if I may say so myself, but both done in complete obscurity.

I've done a poor job of recovering from the eviction, because even though we have a home again, I'm still disabled and still don't get any government assistance, and it's still difficult for me to find anything that pays apart from writing and cartooning. My head pains were pretty bad during the stressful eviction period, and I remember a lot of people attacking me for saying that I would have to take the archive down if I wound up homeless. This was supposed to be "blackmail" although the archives remained up and freely copyable for the entire time. We really did come very close to being put out on the street with nowhere to go, and I remain kinda confused about why I got more attacks than sympathy. As it was, our temporary home was kind of a nightmare, I could only use the internet for short periods of time by sneaking on when nobody was looking, and even though our things were in storage, the storage unit got robbed, and a bunch of things were stolen or trampled. During that period, the site actually WAS hacked and blackballed by Google--which is pretty much what I figured would happen if I was homeless and unable to access the internet at all--but because I could sneak on for a short while, I was able to clean it up and straighten things out with Google.

At the moment, I'm starting some sketchbooks online--for Elf Life, and a more adult-oriented comedy series. I'm hoping that I might create support for my work again by showing people what I could be producing if I could get some support.

Jan. 9th, 2009


Breaking more bookmarks

I've reposted a small selection of old Elf Life comics translated into Swedish, using the new archiving system. I think many of you will find this version less imposing. I hope so; I will be using this for new material, shortly.


The archive system is a modified version of Sidor that includes a  few additional features just for archiving. We'll call this archive-enabled version Arkiv, just to keep things straight. Advantages over my old system: while there's still no rattin' frattin' database to go get itself corrupted, there are also no unnecessary work files lying around on the server, clutterin' up the joint. Instead of trying to grab a page title from the filename, I have created a tag system which allows me to transfer all sorts of data to the head of the page. The first page of the Swedish archives, for instance, is titled "Alf liv - Du kanske har rätt, Baughb..." The Kipper version of the file would have had to be called 20010523-1200_Alf_liv_-_Du_kanske_har_ratt_Baughb. Kipper would clean up the underscores, but there was no way that method could preserve punctuation or special characters.

Most of all, with less moving parts, Arkiv is far more stable. Kipper was great, but it also (unfortunately) became another monstrous thing to maintain, in itself.

By the way, does anybody remember who translated these comics? It was such a long time ago, and I really should be giving credit where it's due.

Dec. 11th, 2008


Something useful

Despite my “New Year's Resolution”, I’ve had some trouble getting to the internet this week.

I hope to make up for it, today. I had a brilliant (I hope) idea, yesterday, and put it all together very quickly: a small script that puts together web pages automatically based on one template.

I’m cleaning up the package right now, mostly making sure that the support material is ready (instructions and notes). Should have it posted shortly.

Dec. 5th, 2008


PolyEdit and OpenOffice: a comparison

img img

I’m a longtime fan of PolyEdit. I tested a great many others before settling on it as The Best For Me. However, I just recently managed to get a copy of OpenOffice to play with. So now I can give you a pretty fair idea how the two word processors differ.

Technically, one is a word processor, and the other is a suite that includes a word processor. One is the result of private enterprise, shareware for a nominal fee, while the other is a glorified open source project that can be downloaded for free. You probably want to know which one is better, so that you will then know which one to use.

The short answer: they’re both better.


Dec. 4th, 2008



Chris Hallbeck (Book of Biff) reports that ADSDAQ dumped him because he has “a high volume of graphics and images such as anime or comic strips”.

The purge begins.

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